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Dentists Are Brushing Up on LinkedIn

By Jane Peters on May 8, 2013 |


By Emily Linthicum, Social Media Manager

Looking to Grow Your Dental Practice? Expanding your cliental with LinkedIn for Dentistmedia buyer, social media agency OH

LinkedIn in amongst the fastest growing social networking sites around the world. As of January 2013, they reached a whopping 200 million members in their network which surpasses Google+ and Twitter.  In fact, membership is growing at a rate of about two new members every second! However, LinkedIn isn’t the average social networking site; instead, most consider LinkedIn to be a professional site that is primarily used for connecting the world’s professionals.


For some professionals, LinkedIn is a great way to promote their career but for others, it’s a powerful tool that can promote a business for any entrepreneur. As a dentist, LinkedIn is a great tool to maximize your cliental. Successful dentist are starting to realize that LinkedIn may be a less expensive and more efficient marketing strategy then traditional methods. Currently, about one in three dentists are using LinkedIn to promote their company and reach a broader target market.


There are numerous benefits to using LinkedIn for dentists, especially for a small or local practice. Staying with the times is imperative to the success of your business; the following five benefits might make you want to create a LinkedIn profile for your dental practice.


  1. Networking: LinkedIn is known as the world’s largest professional network. With that, LinkedIn for dentists can be used as a highly beneficial networking tool to reconnect with past or present colleagues. When you join LinkedIn, you start to create a personal network by selecting individuals, jobs, updates, news and insights that you want to connect with. LinkedIn even makes it easy to grow your network with the “people you may know” feature. It also allows you to link your LinkedIn page with your professional website which in essence, will create greater accessibility to your business and boost your websites traffic. 



  1. Acquire New Patients: LinkedIn is a great tool if you are looking to grow your dental practice and create a new patient generation. Once you generate a large network, it broadens the opportunity for individuals seeking a dentist to stumble across your profile or find you by searching “dentist” in the LinkedIn search bar. Most individuals under the age of 50 are using the internet for everything, LinkedIn is the perfect way to target a younger crowd of cliental who may in fact be in search of a dentist because they just moved into a new area or switched dental insurance plans. The connections in your network can also write recommendations for your profile which is a powerful testament to your business.


  1. Dental Marketing: LinkedIn provides so many opportunities for a dentist to market their practice. By creating an account it gives your business more visibility for its brands, services, and goals. LinkedIn can also be used to endorse your practices prestigious education or any particular award that will give your practice an edge on competition. You can also include your company’s story on your profile page; if it’s told in the right way it can inspire potential customers or even employees to join your team. Your practices hours, locations, and special offers can be included in your profile and be seen by your entire network. And remember all of these marketing strategies on LinkedIn are free!


  1. Expand Customer Relationships: Wouldn’t you want to feel comfortable with someone who is working inside your mouth with sharp objects or temporarily putting you to sleep? Creating a positive and trust worthy relationship with patients is imperative to the success of a dentist. LinkedIn allows you to connect with your clients and people who care most about your business. It provides you with information about your customers which can spark potential conservation at their next appointment. A more personal relationship with customers is what drives them to return and give positive recommendations to your business.



  1. Get Answers: You can use LinkedIn to get answers to tough business questions from experts in the field. You can pose questions and facilitate professional discussions through numerous LinkedIn channels like polls, groups or status updates. You can also use these features to get feedback from your customers about what they like or think could be improved at your practice.


If you would like to learn more about using LinkedIn for growing your practice, download our Free Tips! 

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