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Dentists Are Smiling About Inbound Marketing

By Jane Peters on April 17, 2013 |


By Brittany Woods, Social Media Manager

We’ve all seen the ads in the newspaper and on billboards that show big, brightinbound marketing for dentists shining smiles, but how are dentist utilizing inbound marketing for their businesses?

One dental business: Legacy Dental in Salt Lake City, Utah, has increased its website visits by 145% with inbound marketing. Legacy Dental has seen great success in their online visibility after starting a blog.

They also have been able to increase visits to their website via organic search 169% in the past two years. They attribute much of their success to Hubspot, a successful marketing service and software company.

Another dental business that has a similar success story to Legacy Dental is Ft. Lauderdale Dentist: Dr Stone. A small business that has been around since 1979, Dr. Stone had been using phonebook ads and a pay-per-click campaigns to lead all of his advertising. This route led to about 200 hits on his website per month. After making the switch to a more aggressive inbound marketing campaign he saw his website numbers go from 200 hits per month to an average of 3,400.

Dr. Stone, like Legacy Dental, used an outside source to boost his marketing strategy, and become a more successful advertiser. Many of his visitors since the switch have been directed to his site from on-page SEO and regular blogging.

His on-page SEO centered on keywords that come up when people search for dental services, some examples of these keywords are: “best dentist in Ft. Lauderdale” or “crown vs cap”. His numbers for online business have skyrocketed. In 2012 the amount of business coming through Google was 48.89%, much of this can be attributed to his blogging.

Finding success with inbound marketing has paid off for the dentist of Legacy Dental and Ft. Lauderdale Dentist. With the help from professional marketing companies they have turned their business into a sought after product.

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