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What Do You Do When You Can't Afford TV Advertising?

By Jane Peters on October 30, 2014 |


Reaching millions of people to establish their brand with TV advertising has long been the aspiration of many small businesses.  But when you can afford TV commercials in your market, what are your alternatives?

Many small business owners have discovered that Inbound Marketing is an affordable alternative to buying expensive TV schedules.

The world of marketing has changed. Traditional advertising such as TV was designed to appeal to the masses.  Advertising was one-way: company to consumer.  The web has changed the rules.  Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, email marketing, Google, mobile phones etc. allow marketing strategies to shift to targeting huge numbers of under-served consumers.

Inbound marketing was founded on the basis that traditional marketing and advertising like billboards and TV spots have become less effective. One study showed that 86 percent of viewers skip commercials and 44 percent of recipients never open direct mail. In contrast companies that blog have 50 percent more website visitors than those that don’t and inbound marketing leads cost 60 percent less on average. 

Inbound marketing may also reflect changes in the customer buy cycle. Whereas customers used to engage vendors very early in the buy cycle, HubSpot suggests today customers conduct online research and contact the vendor closer to the moment of making a decision. in this way, customers become more informed on their own and sales teams are used more efficiently.

  • Get Found Online & Engage Prospects: Getting Found is all about creating remarkable content that interests prospective customers or answers a question they have. 
  • Convert Prospects & Leads: Converting Prospects is how to entice visitors to your site into leads by filling out a form.  You can then nurture your leads into   customers!
  • Analyze your efforts & Improve your decisions: With Inbound Marketing its possible to track your success and see your ROI of various marketing efforts.  This allows you to make improvements and invest your time and money where you see the greatest results!

One criticism of inbound marketing is the time and effort required to create content.  Busy executives find it hard to manage the time it takes to effectively utilize the new digital platforms.

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