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How to Protect Yourself from the Dark Side of Social Media

By Jane Peters on February 25, 2013 |


By Brittany Woods, Social Media Manager

We are all aware that social media can do wonders for a business. Being able to get your name and product out to the masses in a quick and efficient way is nothing short of perfection. However what happens when social media turns its back on you?  media buyer, inbound marketing

In today’s tech savy world it has become commonplace to see people taking their anger to the internet in order to find social media justice. PR departments now have strategies to avoid huge social media blow outs, and have changed the language of their business in order to appeal to an online audience. Unfortunately, for some, this is not enough.

Whether people are angry about service at a restaurant, or a product they don’t like, their feelings spread like wildfire on the web; one tweet can seem harmless, until it’s re-tweeted hundreds of time.

So how can a business tread away from these dangerous social media out lashes?

Businesses should be well educated on their social media audience. Knowing the type of people your message is reaching is crucial. A business must also choose their words wisely when posting on their different sites. What might work on twitter will not always work for LinkedIn.

Telling the truth can make or break a business. Telling your clients, or future clients, that you offer a service that you don’t is a very good way to create angry social media enemies.  These are enemies that tend to follow a business and make sure others won’t use it. Social media works both ways, all of the good news can reach the masses quickly, but so can the negative.

Posts should always be relevant, and interesting. An article from Huffington Post states that: 7 bad posts/reviews make customers think the worst of your business and consider boycotting you.  The new research also had this to say:

             “A report from application software specialists SAP showed social media influences consumers more than ever before, with 12% of people stopping using a brand after seeing prolific negative social media posts. In addition, 45% could recall a negative social media post about a business in the past six months, and 56% of consumers post or repost things about brands or companies. That figure rises to 65% for 18-35 year olds.”

This eye opening information is important for every business owner to understand when they use social media. Being cautious and analyzing all of the business’s posts is a very intelligent move. People can very easily twist words and create problems.

You are not going to stop people from being angry on the internet all the time. Unfortunately there are those that find great enjoyment out of negative comments. At this point the social media policies come in.

Creating a strategic plan to deal with these negative internet users is a great way to make sure your business can always be running at its best.

An even easier, less stressful, way to deal with these problems is to ask professionals to help with your social media/inbound marketing. They are learned in the art of online conversation and could save time and headaches when marketing your business.

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