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Why You Should Create a Social Company!

By Jane Peters on November 7, 2014 |


Today’s marketing has changed.  After years of pushing messages at consumers with traditional media, companies have had to adapt to how customers and potential customers want to engage. 

Social media is changing business at its core.  media buying agency OH

Businesses are placing much more attention on creating relationships with their customers based on trust, value, and preference.  They have learned that even if they are a major brand, personal interaction is the key to continued growth. A good social media program is the way to cultivate relationships and increase your bottom line.

Social media allows people to turn off the traditional forms of communication and receive information through relationships they trust and thorough conversations on social platforms. 

Brand loyalty is being built today through group validation and social connections.

It is no secret that in the past the more a company treated its customer like friends the more their customers wanted to do business with them.  Making customers feel welcome meant more referrals to their friends and family. 

Connecting on a deeper level and making sure that the customer doesn’t feel like a number, has been the key to success for companies like Ford, Apple and BMW.  These companies have had tremendous success from social media by connecting with their customers. 

They have learned that as customers become more engaged, there is less need for discounting of products or services.

Social media offers many benefits to small and medium sized business (not just huge brands) that want to connect with their customers. 

But designing and building a successful social media component for your business can be difficult.  It takes planning research, and teamwork. 

It also requires patience. Developing strong relationships doesn’t happen overnight.  If someone asked you to get married on a first date, you would run away.  So don’t be discouraged if you don’t see immediate results.  Consistent and focused social media campaigns will reap huge results for your future business.

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