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Pinterest Is Growing!

By Jane Peters on February 13, 2013 |


By Brittany Woods, Social Media Manager

In this current age there are many ways to get you’re businesses name out there, but once again a new idea has popped up and taking the internet by storm. This idea is the fun and addicting site: Pinterest.

Pinterest is a “virtual pinboard” where people are allowed to “pin” and “re-pin” images onto themed boards. Each image has an external link attached to it, taking the person pinning to a completely new website. This is a dream come true for businesses trying to generate more traffic on their web pages.

The most interesting aspect of this site is that it is not open to all like Facebook, and inbound marketing, OHTwitter are. This stand alone business makes its users request to join the site.  Why, you might ask? Behavioral economist Bri Williams has come up with some answers.

Williams believes that making people request an invite creates a sense of exclusivity. Making its future members wait is risky (and not for every business!), but the sense of gratitude the new member feels, when they finally are accepted, only creates a tighter bond with the site.

This is a risky move, but for Pinterest it’s a risk that worked out very successfully. The site has ten million users and 2.5 million likes on the Facebook App.

Now how can a business use this source as an effective marketing tool? Pinterest has you covered! The site itself gives tips and even case studies of their most successful business pinners.

The very fist step in the process is to create a profile that represents the business, then get it verified by Pinterest. This allows visitors to see that you are checked out by the site and trust you’re a reliable business. The other tips cover subjects that one might be surprised to see for a business page. For example: “Create Inspiring Boards”, “Write Thoughtful Descriptions” and “Celebrate Seasons and Holidays”.

The traditional marketing strategy tips are given, but what is probably the most important is to set your page, and business, apart from others. This is a cardinal rule in inbound marketing and very important on Pinterest.

With the ability to create an entire eye catching, array of themed boards, this new social media hub is a sweet spot for businesses.

Not to mention being able to create pins that will lead “pinners” directly back to you’re website!

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