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Social Media Loves Zombies!

By Jane Peters on February 5, 2013 |




By Brittany Woods, Social Media Manager

When planning out the month of February many people think of Valentines Day, the social media, inbound marketingSuper Bowl and even Groundhog Day comes to mind. This year it seems that many people will be observing their own kind of holiday: The return of the popular TV show The Walking Dead on AMC.

AMC is an American cable tv specialty channel that primarily airs movies, along with a limited amount of original programing. The letters originally stood for American Movie Classics; since 2002, the full name has been deemphasized as a result of a major shift in programming. AMC is owned by AMC Networks and signed on October 1, 1984. AMC's most successful original series also include Mad Men, Breaking Bad, and Hell on Wheels.

Media buyers love the series because of the limited commercial interruptions and the high ratings.

The zombie riddled television show has caught a cult like following among its viewers. Not to mention being one of the highest rated shows on television and the cause of many nightmares. How did a TV show based on the living dead garner so much popularity, and how do you advertise something in the horror genre without crossing the line? One thing is for sure: They have to be very creative.

As in all businesses it’s important to be very visible on social media sites.

AMC has become very adept at managing their social media. As soon as you come upon the shows Facebook page there is no mistaking you’ve come to the right place. The cover photo on the page highlights the famous dark and ominous color tones used in the show to set the mood, while simultaneously issuing the day and time of the show’s return. The site stays relevant, and does not stray from what makes them popular: zombies!

There is an app to “Dead Yourself”, a newsletter to keep track of you’re favorite survivor, video clips, check in spot to show your friends that you’ve visited the site, and even Walking Dead Holiday Video Cards.                     social media, inbound marketing

Who ever is behind all of this did their homework on what the fans wanted. Paying such close attention to this aspect of the business is crucial. When the fans, or clients, feel the love they are more likely to tell others. Plus who can argue with a site that has 14 million likes?

Then there are the ads that are played on TV to tantalize the massive fan pool. Did you catch the commercials for the Superbowl? Well if you did then you might have seen the Time Warner Cable spot that was completely dedicated to The Walking Dead. Superbowl ads are not only highly coveted, but the shows that are shown during these commercials pick up a higher number of viewers after they are aired.

So if the team behind The Walking Dead advertising wasn’t pulling in enough viewers they sure scored on this commercial.

In short these guys not only advertise the dark side of the show, but also put a comical spin on the content in order to widen their viewer field. This is a job well done in any one’s book and it will be exciting to see future advertisements from The Walking Dead team. Not  to mention the premier of the second half of Season 3 on Sunday night.

Are you a zombie fan?

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