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Inbound Marketing for Attorneys-Do You Need SEM?

By Jane Peters on January 18, 2013 |



You have probably been hearing a lot about why attorneys need to use inbound marketing. attorney marketing Inbound marketing is about acquiring clients by attracting and nurturing prospects with exceptional content, data, and customer service. 

Inbound Marketing Can Help Your Firm:

  • Get Found — Tactics like blogging and search engine optimization that aim to attract quality prospects to your website.
  • Convert — Tactics like landing pages and lead nurturing that aim to convert website visitors to leads and long-term customers.
  • Analyze — Tactics that aim to improve the efficiency of the entire process — to get more of the right people in the top and out the bottom.

Law firms that utilize inbound marketing tactics have a 62% lower cost per lead than companies that focus on outbound tactics.

Blogging, social media, email marketing, search engine optimization (SEO), content marketing and search engine marketing (SEM) are all part of an inbound strategy.

Let’s talk about SEM. Search engine marketing for lawyers is an ever-growing avenue for law firms to promote their legal services—and for good reason. According to a Pew Internet survey, 92 percent of online adults use search engines to find information on the Web, which includes 50 percent of adults search daily.

The research showed that search is most popular among Adults 18-29 year olds, 96 percent of whom use search engines to find information online.  Surprisingly, 30-49 year-olds and 50-64 year-olds were almost as active. The study showed 91 percent of people in those demographics use search engines to find information.

Search engine marketing includes many of the tools widely used by law firms to promote their websites to raise their rank results for searches on Google, Yahoo and Bing. SEM uses pay-per-click (PPC) ads, contextual advertising, search engine optimization (SEO) and paid listings to increase a firm’s exposure online.

SEM is a tool worth investigating.  Many law firms consider this a game changer for more effective Web marketing.

As traditional advertising becomes more expensive and less effective, traditional media companies are pushing their new online products to increase revenue.  Most have no idea what makes an effective online campaign.

With the continued decline of yellow pages, consumers are using the Web to find professional legal representation.  Publishers of yellow pages have recognized their demise and have rushed to push Web marketing to past directory advertisers.

It is important you rely on an independent company or consultant to protect your interests and determine the best strategy for your firm if digital marketing is an area new to your firm. You want to be sure your marketing is in your best interest, not media companies trying to find new revenue streams.

A SEM campaign, with the support of SEO, can attract potential clients to your firm’s website, deliver increased need-driven traffic and convert inquiries into new cases.

If you would like to learn more about SEM for your firm, contact me for a Free Consultation.

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