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Media 101: OSU Basketball TV Ratings Miss the Big Shot

By Jane Peters on January 16, 2013 |


With the rise of DVR usage, media buyers and advertisers are looking to more sporting eventsmedia buyer OH for solid ratings. 

Sporting events deliver big TV ratings for advertisers, but the weekend’s NFL divisional playoff games while dominating their time periods, were down in two time slots from last year.

However, all sports events are not ratings gold. Usually a ratings powerhouse, Ohio State’s win over Michigan on Sunday on CBS did not fair so well.  Up against NFL playoffs the audience was only had a 1.2 rating in the overnights.

According to USA Today, the New England Patriots' 41-28 win against the Houston Texans in Sunday's late time was down 13% from a comparable game in the same time period last year. It drew a 23.8 overnight, which translates to 23.8% of TV households in the 56 urban markets measured for overnights.

The Atlanta Falcons games against the Seattle Seahawks playoff game Sunday had a 21.3 overnight -- up 3% from comparable coverage of a Baltimore Ravens-Texans game last year.

Fox's 18.7 overnight rating for the San Francisco 49ers versus Green Bay was the network's best Saturday prime-time divisional game rating since it picked up NFL TV rights in 1994. However, that was down 9% from comparable coverage of New England-Denver Broncos last year.

There are seven Catholic colleges leaving the Big East and they are looking for exposure and dollars as they shop their TV rights for a league they plan to create. They may be in for a sad surprise. Georgetown-St. John's game on ESPN2 on Saturday at 11 a.m. ET drew a microscopic 0.2 overnight -- down 60% from comparable coverage of a Connecticut-Notre Dame game last year.

Non sports programs in contrast did not perform well. NBC's Incredible Dog Challenge, going up against NFL action Sunday, only garnered a sad 1.0 overnight rating. Is this a talent search for the next Lassie?

Sporting events still dominate the ratings battle for advertisers who are looking for a big audience, but are there too many sporting events? Are ratings being dilluted?  Is the higher cost for these events worth it?

What do you think?  


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