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By Jane Peters on August 11, 2017 |


Do you think that inbound marketing is just for retailers and not for professional practices? When Legacy Dental started dentist_pic-281955-edited.jpgusing HubSpot to help with inbound marketing, they were unprepared for the level of success they would see.

They had a 145% increase in visits to their website and after the first nine months their leads also saw an increase of 300%. This amount of success allowed time for reflection on how the older ways of advertising are simply not enough anymore. Legacy dental used the tools provided by Hubspot to be at the top of their game, and to race ahead of the competition.

Search Engine Optimization, or SEO, helps bring more visibility to the company in a natural and unpaid way. Two years after starting their marketing the visits to Legacy Dental's website increased by 169%.

They have also found that blogging is very effective. Blogging attracted new patients, and more importantly keeps the patients informed with the latest news in dentistry. The personal connection that blogging adds is powerful, and is sometimes very easily overlooked.

Blogs drive traffic to your website. Hubspot reports that companies with active blogs receive 55% more traffic and a measurable rank increase within three months of active blogging.

Search engines index new content constantly. Blogs get a high search priority because they provide new, unique and non-duplicated content to the website on a regular basis. The more content you develop, the more pages you will have indexed by search engines.

This translates to higher rankings in organic searches and referrals. Why are these important? Many studies point to the value of organic searches versus paid search results.

The people of Legacy Dental couldn’t do this on their own so they enlisted help from companies like Media Management Services Inc. that are HubSpot partners to implement inbound marketing strategies. (Visibility on the internet is becoming a difficult task, let alone the pressure of running a company on top of that! Working with HubSpot marketing experts will lead to success.)

Are you ready to grow your professional practice? Would you like to have your website generate leads and help you acquire more clients or patients? We help attorneys, medical professionals, CPA's, and other small business owners grow their businesses using inbound marketing. 

Media Management Services takes an integrated, performance-driven approach in marketing a professional practice. We connect your brand with your customers across traditional and digital channels for maximum lead generation and customer acquisition. 

We develop strategies that will grow your business and help your business thrive. Data, research, and analytics guide our process and your success.

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