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Facebook Changes You Should Know!

By Jane Peters on October 17, 2012 |



No one reading your posts? Facebook has decreased your pages’ reach!inbound marketing OH

The last week of September you may have noticed that the Reach of your status updates has dropped significantly. On average only about 6-9% of your fans now get status updates posted to their News Feed which is about half the 16% that Facebook announced in March. With the exception of buying advertising, there’s very little you can do to expand your Reach organically more than 3-5%.

Facebook has confirmed this change, but as usual the specifics are unclear so determining any specifics as to how the change affects your pages is next to impossible.

Most people using Facebook have no understanding of the Facebook Algorithm or Reach. They mistakenly assume that if they have 1,000 fans, then every time they post a status update those 1,000 fans see it. However, the reality is more like 60-90 of those 1,000 fans see the post. 

Facebook is a free service and as the old adage goes… you get what you pay for. Facebook’s reasoning for a strict algorithm is that continuous and boring sales pitches posted by brands makes for a cluttered environment that often looks like spam in the News Feed. Presenting the most engaging content makes the sense, but a 6-9% Reach is very low.

Trying to figure out the Facebook Algorithm is difficult.  Facebook should launch an affordable, monthly paid service for brands that takes the mystery out of the algorithm and provides significant Reach that benefits everyone.  This seems unlikely with their entire revenue model being based on pay-per-status update.

As a brand you should plan on spending less time on Facebook and more time  experimenting with Google+, Pinterest, and Instagram.  Social media managers know the best practice is to diversify your brand across multiple channels and Facebook’s latest change makes it imperative.

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