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Is Mobile Marketing Effective For Reaching Students?

By Jane Peters on September 6, 2012 |


By Brittany A. Woods, Social Media Content Manager, MMS Inc.

Have you ever been on your Smartphone trying to surf the internet media consultant OHwhen you come across a streaming video on a webpage? Well, you’ve just been hit with mobil rich media.

This form of integrative media advertising is a branch of Rich Media used on computers and a new world of advertising opportunity. Most of the new interest focuses on college students, because the smart phone usage among this group has spiked in the recent year. While this is all very exciting, how effective are the ads on students?

In 2011 there were 5,981 million mobile subscriptions worldwide according to Mobithinking, and there is a projection that 90% of U.S college students will own a smartphone by 2016 (smartbrief). 

New research from Ball State's Institute for Mobile Media Research shows smartphone ownership within this group went from 27% to 69% in the last three years. Research from Nielsen this week indicated 62% of people aged 18-24 have smartphones and two-thirds of those 25-34.”(

With these kind of statistics to back up advertisers they’ve put the gas on mobile rich media. Yet in this day and age college students are very accustomed to the vast, and sometimes consuming, world of online advertisements. Therefore they are not pushovers for the mobile ads.

Students who said they were annoyed by these mobile ads rose from 42.4% to 69.3% from Feb. 2010 to Feb.2012 (smartbrief). This is a problem for advertisers, since that means these students will be less likely to click on or consider their product. 

Yet not all hope is lost for mobile rich media, students have given feedback on how they would be more likely to use these advertisements. Ball State research has revealed that the students would be more receptive to ads that offered coupons and discounts ( This is logical seeing as most college students are on a tight budget.

This insight is a handy tool for those who want to get ahead of the mobile rich media game. How does your business plan to take the next step in rich media advertising?

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