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Will Media Buyers Miss Small TV Stations?

By Jane Peters on September 5, 2012 |


As TV stations face stiffer competition from cable TV and the web, small TV station owners are media buyer OHselling to speculative buyers hoping to cash in on the FCC re-organization of the US airwaves.

Reacting to the consumer usage of broadband for wireless services, the FCC plans to reclaim the spectrum used by small stations and redirect its usage for wireless companies.

Many small stations have been scraping by barely making payroll in the larger cities like Boston, San Francisco and Philly.  With ratings too small to be rated by Nielsen, most media buyers have ignored these broadcasters.  Some however, have found a niche with Spanish language programming and other minority programming that may be missed.

With the absence of these small stations, TV viewing will be less diverse for the public.  What do you think?  Should the FCC reclaim these airwaves?

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