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Discovery Channel Utilizes Social Media In Their Marketing Strategy

By Jane Peters on August 8, 2012 |


By Brittany A. Woods, Social Media Content Manager, MMS Inc.

When logging on to the Discovery Channel website, there is no escaping the overwhelming media consultant OHfeeling of excitement. This is the beginning of the marketing strategy that drives the Discovery Channel to be the number one non-fiction media company in the world. The website is full of material that leads you from one article to a video back, to another article. The content is interesting and relevant, a key component to their marketing strategy.

Another very important part of Discoverys’ strategy is the dedication to social media. 

Social media marketing programs usually center on efforts to create content that attracts attention and encourages readers to share it across their social networks

Discovery channel has over 70 Facebook pages, leaving a footprint of 43 million fans, 20 twitter accounts, boasting 2.4 million followers, and individual show pages, network pages and blogs. Not to mention the original

Gayle Weiswasser, the VP of social media communications, interviewed with and explained how they view their role in social media:

“Our Philosophy in social media is to use it as a platform that enhances viewing experience and the relationship with the viewers.”

She also gave these tips that help them in their ongoing success with social media:

-Build relationship that engages fans

-Personalize the Brand

-Strengthen fan-talent relations

-Drive tune-in

What also helps is the wide variety of shows that the Discovery brand has to offer. Whether it’s hunting down the perfect wedding dress on TLC, or watching animals in the wild on Animal Planet, there is always something to watch.

With no surprise one of the greatest television phenomenons belongs to the Discovery Channel. Shark Week.

This year will celebrate the 25th year of Shark Week, and another very successful week for Discovery. 

The mysterious cult like following of Shark Week makes it one of the most successful weeks in television history not to mention an equally successful time for those who advertise with Discovery. Their name being advertised to millions very much like those run in the Super Bowl or Olympics.

The lesson that can be learned from Discovery’s success is to make things interesting and put your name on every surface of the social media world.

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