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Is Your LinkedIn Profile Complete?

By Jane Peters on August 2, 2012 |


LinkedIn has grown into an active professional network and has become an incredibly valuable part of social media promotion for executives and their companies.  media buyer OH

Research has shown that profiles that are complete are contacted 56% more often than those that are not complete and surprisingly over 60% of the profiles aren't. To insure that your profile is perfect, here are the elements needed to be considered complete!

Be sure you have included on your profile:

  1. A professional photo.  Use a nice head shot and not a picture showing off a day at the beach or downing shots with your pals.
  2. Current position and description. Highlight your current position with any skills and special talents you may have that would be relevant to your field. Using key words that relate to your industry and experience to include in your profile increases your profile visibility.
  3. At least two past positions. Have a resume handy to fill out this part quickly. Be sure and use key words that will highlight your experience and separate you from your competitors.
  4. Your industry and postal code.  This allows searches to find you easier.
  5. Education.  This makes it easy to re-connect with classmates and teachers.
  6. At least 5 skills.  Depending on your industry, you want to highlight those skills that will showcase your expertise. Key words are again an important part of this section.
  7. Make at least 50 connections.  This is easier than it sounds. You can use your email addresses, explore the "Colleagues" and "Classmates" tabs, and utilize the "Search People" option from the drop-down menu.  Connecting is the key to success.
  8. A summary.  Try to make what you do sound interesting.  Explain why you are passionate about what you do. Let people know what makes you the best and why they should consider hiring you or your company. No one wants to read a boring summary.
  9. Recommendations.  Asking for recommendations for your profile is important.  They need to come from people who are on LInkedIn and you will find that most people are happy to help.  Be sure and return the favor when you can.

You can see your profile completeness score on the right side of the "Edit Profile" page there on LinkedIn. The feature may provide you with additional profile completion tips.

Now that you have created and completed your profile there is just one more thing to do to insure your success:

Maintain your profile.  Keep your profile current and post updates often.  Keep in mind your posts should be a conversation about what’s new and exciting. The Social Times reported that 33% of users never updated their profiles.

Search engines particularly like LinkedIn, so adding fresh information is a great SEO tool and if you don’t add new content people will stop checking in.

If this sounds like too much work or you don't have the time, you can always hire us to create a professional LinkedIn profile that will spotlight your experience and expertise.

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