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Are You Looking for More Business?

By Jane Peters on July 25, 2012 |


Are you looking for more business? Wondering how to get more clients? media buyer OH

With over 160 million users, LinkedIn (LINK) is the perfect way for you to: 

-       Generate more referrals

-       Manage your online reputation

-       Increase the likelihood of showing up in search results

Since its inception in 2002, LinkedIn has become the world’s largest professional network on the Internet with more than 160 million members in over 200 countries and territories as of April 2012.  LinkedIn is primarily a networking site versus Facebook that is more of a social site.

The financial community has been quick to adopt LinkedIn much more than any other social media platform. Everyone from CPAs to financial consultants to bank executives are using LinkedIn to search reviews and connect with other professionals and potential clients. It has many advantages for helping financial professionals grow their business.

     LinkedIn can:

  • Help you attract proper public exposure to help potential clients find you.
  • Let you manage your reputation in a credible, professional manner.
  • Allow you to find relevant information and experts when you need them.
  • Increase your rank in search results when people are looking for a financial professional.
  • Keep you informed about your competition.

LinkedIn is giving companies a new platform to build their business. You can extend the reach of your web site, increase your contact data base and enhance your online marketing by using LinkedIn.  Start capitalizing on LinkedIn's advantages today.

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However, we have discovered that the number one reason professionals or their firms are not utilizing this powerful online platform is because "they don't have time to create and complete their LinkedIn profile"

Don’t let time be the enemy, Media Management Services can help!

Media Management Services Inc.  can create a profile that will:

  • · Showcase your experience and expertise
  • · Highlight your accomplishments 
  • · Increase your visibility
  • · Manage your reputation

Whether you’re new to LinkedIn or already have a profile, we can help you harness the power of LinkedIn for you and your firm.

Complete profiles starting at $80 with group discounts for your firm. 

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