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List Segmentation Is the Key to Email Marketing Success!

By Jane Peters on July 16, 2012 |

From building customer loyalty to acquiring new customers and media consultant OHcommunicating promotional offers, email marketing has changed the way small businesses market today.

Email marketing in comparison to other marketing platforms is an affordable and efficient way to deliver your ad message. Email marketing allows you to target specific people with specific messages. Segmenting your list by age, sex, spending habits or levels of interest is essential for success.

Simply emailing prospects every few weeks is not the path to success.  Email campaigns that work best are ones that contain information relevant to the recipient. Designing campaigns that are relevant is the key. Segmenting a list allows you to easily promote content that recipients want to read.

Email segmentation is basically when you segment (or split) your subscriber list, based on any number of conditions -- including purchase history, age, geographic location, or previous email campaign interactions.

An example of how to use email list segmentation is to promote a special in-store sale that is not available on your website. You would only want to send this email campaign to those recipients who are "local".  Someone living hundreds of miles away would have no interest. 

To segment your list by level of interest, you may want to create a list of customers who have purchased a specific product.  Emails that contain content about similar or companion products would be more relevant to this segment.

If you haven't segmented your data base, now is the time to start.  Segmenting your list and sending more relevant content will increase open rates and sales!

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