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One Secret for Finding More Customers

By Jane Peters on July 3, 2012 |


media buyer OHWant more customers? Who doesn't?  Your marketing strategy must incorporate digital platforms to succeed in today's marketing environment.

If you want more customers, you have to use DIGITAL MARKETING!

By 2016, more than half of the dollars spent in US retail will be influenced by the web. (Source: Forrester Research) Commerce is shifting more and more online. Make sure that you have a method to easily sell your products or services online.

88% of adults in the US have a cell phone, 57% have a laptop, 19% own an e-reader, and 19% have a tablet. (Source: Pew Internet)The cell phone is the dominant communication tool in the United States, but information consumption is fragmented. Be sure you optimize your digital marketing for all of the screens and devices used by your target audience

Email marketing, SEO, social media marketing, inbound marketing are all tools you should be using. 

Did you know that email opens on smartphones and tablets have increased 80% over the last six months. (Source: Litmus) Mobile devices have become a major source of email usage. Make sure that your email marketing message displays properly on mobile devices to maximize the results of your emails.

Also, 20% of Facebook users have purchased something because of ads or comments they saw there. (Source: Ipsos) People are influenced by other people.  You can use paid and organic marketing on Facebook to influence the conversion actions that drive your business.

Digital marketing is essential for your continued success.  If you would like to learn more about email marketing download our FREE Tips!

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