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Coupon Marketing for Lawyers?

By Jane Peters on June 13, 2012 |


 media buyer OHFor years lawyers have relied on yellow page advertising to promote their firms.  But as yellow pages become less and less effective, lawyers and their firms are looking for new ways to market.  Those law firms unable or unwilling to promote on TV may have a unique alternative at their disposal.

Groupon, whose name is a combination of “group” and “coupon,” specializes in providing customers with discounts purchased in bulk.

Since its founding less than three years ago, Groupon has become one of the stars of the new generation of Internet start-ups. By pioneering the market for deep discounts at local restaurants and stores, the company has grown at a remarkable speed, attracting hundreds of millions of subscribers and posting sales at stunning rates.  Lawyers have begun to explore the medium as a tool but bar associations have needed to rule about the coupons' ethics.

The New York State Bar Association and the South Carolina Bar Association have opened the door for lawyers to use coupons as part of their advertising media strategy. 

The findings concluded that marketing legal services by use of Groupon daily deals is not misleading or deceptive.  The bar associations found that no lawyer-client relationship exists until the lawyer checks for conflicts and competence to provide the services.  If a conflict is found or the attorney is unable to perform the service, a full refund is to be given to the coupon buyer.

Will other states soon follow suit?  Is coupon advertising a tool for your firm? The internet has changed the marketing landscape.  Has your advertising strategy evolved? Are you buying media the same way you were three years ago?  Your media strategy may need to be updated.  Contact us for a FREE media analysis.

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