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Is Email Marketing Dead?

By Jane Peters on May 29, 2012 |

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Is E-Mail Marketing Dead? 

As an in-bound marketing agency, we hear complaints from new clients that they quit using email marketing because it wasn't working. Their email marketing results were dying. If you think email marketing is dead, it is probably not the tool but the execution.

 A few indications that your email marketing is on life-support are:

1. diminishing open rates

2.  a mailing list that isn’t growing

3.  high unsubscribe rates.

If your email isn’t delivering the results you are looking for, it may be time to re-visit the guidelines for best practices and be sure you are following the rules.

Avoid spam at all cost.  Emailing people who have never heard of your company or have no connection you or to it doesn’t lead to more sales.  It leads to more un-subscribes and tons of ill will.   Save your money.  Don’t buy thousands of email addresses.

Grow your email list organically is the best practice.  Be sure your website has a form where visitors can opt-in to emails and or newsletters.  Get their permission before you start sending them emails.  Email marketing is about quality…not quantity.

Limit the number of times a month you send mass e-mails.  Sending emails more than once a week can become very annoying.  Once a week is plenty, twice a month is perfect. One of the main reasons people unsubscribe is that they get too many emails.

Send relevant emails. Be sure that you target your audience with emails that are relevant.  It is easy to segment your lists and design emails with content that they will find interesting and want to read.  Creating customized content and targeted offers will drive sales and increase your open rates.

Next time you send an email, check your list and be sure the content matches the audience. 

Email marketing is a valuable tool for your marketing plans if you use it correctly.  We help clients blend traditional and digital platforms to maximize their marketing success.

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