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Media 101: TV Ratings for March 12 -19

By Jane Peters on March 19, 2012 |


media buyer OhioThis week's ratings are out and the big winners are American Idol on Wednesday with a 10.9, American Idol on Thursday with a 10.2 and The Voice with a 9.7 hh rating. 

Cable ratings had the Walking Dead on AMC with a 4.0, Pawn Stars on Monday at 10 pm with a 3.8 and Pawn Stars at 10:30 pm with a 3.5.

Meanwhile HBO debuted a new film about the 2008 presidential race starring Ed Harris as Senator John McCain and Juianne Moore as his running mate Sarah Palin.  The film is based on the popular book by John Heilemann and Mark Halperin "Game Change".  The first broadcast was watched by over 2 milllion viewers. This makes it the most popular orginal movie that HBO has aired in the past eight years.

Sarah Palin declared "Game Change" as unimportant and inaccurate, but a senior advisor to the campaign Nicolle Wallace, says the HBO film about the vice-presidential bid was "true enough to make me squirm."

Lady Luck has not been so kind to HBO's series "Luck".  It was cancelled after the death of a third horse used in the series was revealed.  The series about horse racing starring Dustin Hoffman had been searching for an audience to no avail. Now, with pressure from animal rights groups it is doubtful that production will ever begin again.  

Good news for media buyers, Nielsen is providing a new system of ratings that is a blending of their online ratings product with the TV ratings stats. In an effort to provide cross-platform ratings for advertisers to gauge how well the TV and Web ads work together, Nielsen hopes the new system will ease the frustartion of media buyers who use multiple platforms.



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