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New Email Marketing Standards Will Reduce Phishing!

By Jane Peters on January 31, 2012 |

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email marketing strategyEmail marketing is one of your most effective tools to reach both mass audiences and very targeted ones depending on the message.  It's power lies in the fact that you are connecting with people in a place they visit often...their inbox.  When used appropriately, email marketing can help you move prospects further down into the sales funnel.

Good content is essential for effective email marketing.  Providing prospects with content they deem valuable such as coupons or special offers based on past buying habits can connect you with prospects and customers for many years.

One of the challenges of email marketing is the media overload from recipients receiving too many email offers.  No one is really interested in having more mail in their inbox and many companies send emails too often.

One of the major problems with email marketing has been "phishing" emails.  These are emails that try to trick the recipient into thinking they come from a legitimate source.  We've all gotten them.  The email attempts to gte your password, account info, etc. 

Google, Yahoo, Microsoft and AOL and eleven other companies have created to promote a standard set of technologies that will lead to more secure email and reduce "phishing".

If the new system of authenticating email signatures works, banks and financial institutions will have new ways to communicate with their customers.  A bank customer would be able to follow a link and update account information without fear of compromising their account.  Currently, banks and internet providers tell customers not to trust such links.

It is a cheap way for companies to start using email marketing standards and may soon develop a way for those receiving emails to authenticate the messages.

Email marketing will continue to evolve as a way to enhance your overall marketing strategy.




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