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What Is Organic Search?

By Jane Peters on November 16, 2011 |



SEO, organic search Online marketing is a popular topic for many small and medium sized businesses.  When thinking about online marketing, SEO or search engine optimization is an important element.  Why is SEO important? 

Everyone looking for a spa or a new car usually starts their search with one of the search engines.  Key words pertinent to their search are typed in and then a page appears with all the websites that are relevant to that search.

Statistics show that the higher your page rank in these searches, the more likely the user will click through to your site.  The importance of   ranking on the first page of any search is crucial to your success.

SEO is all about making sure your website is ranked high for the particular industry or products and services your business provides.  Optimizing your website for search engines such as Google will increase your success in generating quality leads for your prospects.

Unfortunately, most websites are only designed to be an online brochure.  Raising your website page rankings with the major search engines will transform it into a powerful source of business development.  Search engine optimization can generate more sales for your company than all other forms of advertising combined.

Optimizing your website can be achieved with paid search or online ads that target prospects or with organic or natural search techniques.  Organic search results are when your site is listed on the relevant page.  These free rankings are based on formulas that Google and other search engines apply to your website and its content. 

Research has shown that organic listings are much more effective than paid ones.  The trust level generated by organic listings is much higher than for paid listings.  More than 70% of users prefer organic listings to paid or sponsored listings.

To rank high in organic search listings it is essential that your site is relevant to the key words or phrases that users may type in to find your company or products.

Relevance is measured by how your web pages match the search phrase the user has entered.  Key factors are the title of the page, words on the page and how frequently they occur.  Your home page contains keywords that describe your company. This drives up the relevance for this particular search.  Search engines evaluate your page’s content compared to other pages and then makes a decision about how relevant your site is for the phrase or words used in the search.

Focusing on improving your page rank with organic searches is key to improving your online results.

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