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Are You a Blab ber?

By Jane Peters on October 12, 2015 |


Wondering what all the Blab is about?

The latest social media platform that is changing the way we communicate is Blab!  It is a live streaming Blabapplication that launched in April of this year, but has already gotten thousands of users excited.

Users are given the opportunity to participate in real-time conversations with up to four individuals on a variety of topics.  All you need do is pick a topic and you can join a live Blab or see a schedule for conversations that you can join at a later date.

While currently only available on your desktop or iOS, (it is still in the beta stage) you can only access this new platform on your Chrome browser via their homepage ( or by downloading it in the Apple App Store for  your iOS devices. 

The moderator can choose to accept or deny entry to any user. As the conversation is live, viewers who aren't on camera can use a side bar to interact. When the video chat is over,  the moderator can elect to either delete the broadcast or hit record to save it for later viewing.

The ease of use, simplicity and functionality give it the edge over other live-streaming platforms.  It is a great new way to communicate.  Check it may soon be blabbing too!

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Our services include:   

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